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Oh Hello there, Earth which I dropped off the face of!

Posted in General Ramblings, Interactive Fiction on April 16, 2011 by preacherjohnposits

Query:  If one is in the process of reviewing IF-Comp games, and then gets hit with months and months of “irl bullshit”, so much so that Spring Thing rolls around before you remembered to post the last five or so reviews…  is that actually an achievement, rather than a failure?  Is it conceivable that one could *not review* something so fervently that, in a metaphysical sense, they have in fact reviewed things?

Anyway, it’s Spring Thing and I am excited by Spring Thing.  So what I am going to do is review some Spring Thing, and then post the “lost reviews” from last comp.  Sorry those took so long, but it’s been a rough couple of months for extra-curricular joys and hobbies.


IF Comp 2010: Master Post… Of Dooooom!

Posted in General Ramblings, IfComp, Interactive Fiction on October 15, 2010 by preacherjohnposits

This is a sticky’d master list for those of you coming in via the main page, in case you’re looking for a specific game review.  Links will be added as I keep playing through the games.  Here are the reviews in the order I played them so far, plus other useful shwag:

Links for specific games under the cut!

A plea from those with large hands and small keyboards

Posted in General Ramblings, Interactive Fiction on October 15, 2010 by preacherjohnposits

This is a mini-rant unrelated to any specific game, but I figured I’d throw this out there while I have potential author attention.  If you’re using an ask/tell system in a game, either use one of those extension/framework things where the game remembers who you’re talking to (where you can just type “ask about x” after the first time you actually name the npc), or give your npc’s bloody simple names.  One of my hypothetical nightmares as a player is a Galatea-style long conversation with a character named something like Yorgenborg Horgenshmorger (of the Massachusetts Horgenshmorgers, of course).  Please, please don’t do things like this.  Unless you specifically want us not to talk to that character, in which case kudos on a successful application of player psychology.

Comments are now easily make-able.

Posted in General Ramblings, IfComp, Interactive Fiction on October 5, 2010 by preacherjohnposits

D’oh, I was a total doofus and forgot that newly-minted WordPress blogs have rather draconian default-comment-settings.  Not that they matter too much, really (Shhh, don’t tell nobody, but WordPress doesn’t check the validity of the email address it asks for!  Shhhh!). Still, I hate that crap when I’m the one doing the commenting. If the spammers find this place, well, I’ll just have to add keywords like “bootyfart” and “viagralicious”* to the comment filter (only to see my own comments marked as spam, naturally).

Also, added some edits to the first two reviews (marked with the word “EDIT:”, creatively enough).  Will try to get the reviews written at a godly hour from here on in so that I don’t feel the urge a day later to go “Hmm, I totally should have commented on this thing.”  Lord know they’re long enough already.

*These are the two most common spammer terms, according to an official survey I just imagined.

Hello… world?

Posted in General Ramblings on September 29, 2010 by preacherjohnposits

Hola, future amigos!  My name is Chris, and this here blog is probably going to be based around interactive fiction.  A couple of my pals (Riff “Minimum Safe Distance” Conner* and Jenni “Pissy Little Sausages” Polodna) have been blogging the IFComp every year in amusing (and occasionally vitriolic) ways, so I figured I’d join in this year.  Then we will be able to call ourselves a Trifecta, which sounds very sexy in an Italian fascist sort of way.

I reserve the right to blog about other IF games, other games in general, or my love affair with fine cheddar.  We’ll play it by ear.

*Depending on which angle you’re coming from, Riff “12 Cans of Beans, Seriously?” Conner might be more appropriate.