A plea from those with large hands and small keyboards

This is a mini-rant unrelated to any specific game, but I figured I’d throw this out there while I have potential author attention.  If you’re using an ask/tell system in a game, either use one of those extension/framework things where the game remembers who you’re talking to (where you can just type “ask about x” after the first time you actually name the npc), or give your npc’s bloody simple names.  One of my hypothetical nightmares as a player is a Galatea-style long conversation with a character named something like Yorgenborg Horgenshmorger (of the Massachusetts Horgenshmorgers, of course).  Please, please don’t do things like this.  Unless you specifically want us not to talk to that character, in which case kudos on a successful application of player psychology.


5 Responses to “A plea from those with large hands and small keyboards”

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