Comments are now easily make-able.

D’oh, I was a total doofus and forgot that newly-minted WordPress blogs have rather draconian default-comment-settings.  Not that they matter too much, really (Shhh, don’t tell nobody, but WordPress doesn’t check the validity of the email address it asks for!  Shhhh!). Still, I hate that crap when I’m the one doing the commenting. If the spammers find this place, well, I’ll just have to add keywords like “bootyfart” and “viagralicious”* to the comment filter (only to see my own comments marked as spam, naturally).

Also, added some edits to the first two reviews (marked with the word “EDIT:”, creatively enough).  Will try to get the reviews written at a godly hour from here on in so that I don’t feel the urge a day later to go “Hmm, I totally should have commented on this thing.”  Lord know they’re long enough already.

*These are the two most common spammer terms, according to an official survey I just imagined.


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