IFComp Reviews: The Disclaimer!

There’s basically two types of review for Comp games.  One is essentially live-blogging as you play with snarky comments; the other is a thoughtful, considered review post-playthrough.  I’m going to go with the former because I find them more fun to read and because they seem to give a fairly honest opinion of the actual play, but I’ll try to work in some of the latter.

I’m also going to do my best to stick to constructive criticism rather than just being a jerk.  If my game were up on the chopping block, I’d definitely want specific feedback rather than “man, this part sucks” or even “this bit is awesome!”.  Okay, maybe I’d like a lot of the second one.  But still.  If someone reads something about their game and feels like it got an unfair shake, hit me up via comments and I’ll be glad to talk.

And besides, I’m just some dude on the internet who likes to play IF games.  Not like my opinion has any weight 🙂

General Surgeon*’s Warning:  I swear like a sailor.  It has no bearing on my enjoyment of a game, it is just a thing I do instead of using punctuation.  You were warned.


PS: Thanks for the link, Emily!

*Gen. Robert Surgeon, Army.  The warning was his last cryptic words, before his mysterious and tragic death at the hands of angry beavers. Damn those beavers, damn them all to hell.


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