Hello… world?

Hola, future amigos!  My name is Chris, and this here blog is probably going to be based around interactive fiction.  A couple of my pals (Riff “Minimum Safe Distance” Conner* and Jenni “Pissy Little Sausages” Polodna) have been blogging the IFComp every year in amusing (and occasionally vitriolic) ways, so I figured I’d join in this year.  Then we will be able to call ourselves a Trifecta, which sounds very sexy in an Italian fascist sort of way.

I reserve the right to blog about other IF games, other games in general, or my love affair with fine cheddar.  We’ll play it by ear.

*Depending on which angle you’re coming from, Riff “12 Cans of Beans, Seriously?” Conner might be more appropriate.


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